I Love Photography...

Photographs reminds me of wonderful things that really inspires me. I love taking pictures especially when I really love to remember of the beauty and joy on special moments of my life. It is one of the things that really makes me happy and to see the beauty of life.

John Legend All Of Me Lyrics

I love it! <3
Oval Floral Design

Funny Video..

“When the heart is open, the present moment is more than enough. When the heart is closed, it’s never enough.”

—   Michael Jeffreys (via lightspiritlove)

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Top 3 Steps to Change your Life


1. Change your thoughts: choose to think positively and practice meditation

2. Get a rocking healthy body: eat awesome whole organic foods and exercise

3. Repeat 1 & 2!

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“Happiness is where you are, Wherever you are Happiness is there.”

—   Osho

Love Yourself...

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